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Questions & Answers | Returning Undergraduates

How will our need for aid be determined?
All financial aid is based on the premise that parents and students are expected to contribute to educational costs to the extent they are able. Our staff calculates a family contribution according to federal and institutional policies, based on the following factors:

• Income, both taxed and untaxed
• Income tax paid
• Family size and the number of family members in college
• Value of savings and investments
• In some instances, equity in home, business, and other real estate

The family contribution is subtracted from the total college cost for the year. The difference is your financial aid eligibility or "need".

If you would like to calculate an estimate of your expected family contribution, visit our Net Price Calculator. With this online calculator, you can estimate your financial need and aid eligibility. For the best estimate, be sure to read the instructions and tips before beginning. The actual contribution and aid amounts calculated by Hopkins may differ from the calculator.

There is an expected Student Contribution under Resources in my financial aid notification. What if I am not able to work and save money over the summer because I have an unpaid internship or research opportunity?
We do not want financial considerations to prevent students with financial need from pursuing summer experiences which contribute to their career preparation and supplement their academic work. A student who is receiving need-based institutional grant funding and who participates in an unpaid internship or research opportunity for 20 hours per week or more during the summer may apply for a Summer Savings Grant. Submit a Summer Savings Grant Application ( to be considered for a Summer Savings Grant. Availability of funding cannot be guaranteed. Decisions will be based on the financial need of the applicant, date of application, and on a review of the student's description of the opportunity and its relevance to the student's academic and career objectives.

When do I reapply for aid and when will I be notified of my eligibility for financial aid?
Returning students must file their complete application for financial aid, including the FAFSA, CSS PROFILE, federal tax returns, and any applicable supplemental documents by May 1st. Refer to the How to Apply page for a listing of all required documents.

Note: Maryland residents receiving Maryland grant aid need to complete the FAFSA by March 1.

Returning student financial aid awards are made available in SIS beginning in mid-June. Students will receive an email notification that their financial aid for the upcoming year has been awarded and is available to view.

I have not applied for financial aid in previous years but would like to apply for next year. What shall I do now?
You must file all required documents by the May 1st deadline. When your financial aid file is complete, your eligibility for federal funding will be determined. If Hopkins funds are available you may also be considered for Hopkins funding. However, due to limited institutional funds, it is most likely that you will not receive Hopkins funding. Our policy states that typically, there is no guarantee of Hopkins funding for students who have not received Hopkins funding in previous years.

My parents have separated or divorced since I filed for financial aid last year. Are there any other forms that must be completed?
In cases of divorce, we expect both parents to assume a role in financing their child's education to the extent possible. Complete the FAFSA and CSS PROFILE using the information of the custodial parent (and step-parent if remarried). The parent you do not live with must complete the Noncustodial PROFILE online. The PROFILE must be completed in accordance with the financial aid deadlines. An email reminder will be sent to the non-custodial parent to complete the requirement once the student has submitted and completed the PROFILE online with the custodial parent. There is a $25 fee to complete this form.

The non-custodial parent must also submit to the College Board's IDOC service a signed copy of his or her most recent federal income tax return and W-2 forms. Non-custodial parent information may be submitted in a separate packet to IDOC. We realize that issues of college support may be complicated in divorce and separated families. We evaluate each situation individually. If you believe special circumstances exist in your family, contact your financial aid advisor.

My FAFSA was selected for verification. What does this mean and what do I need to do?
Verification is a process used to check the accuracy of certain information entered on the FAFSA and to resolve any errors. Some students are selected by the Department of Education and some are selected by Johns Hopkins University. Selected students will need to provide additional documentation to the Office of Student Financial Services of the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences and the Whiting School of Engineering before we can finalize and disburse federal financial aid.

If you are selected for verification, you will need to complete and submit a verification worksheet.

Verification Worksheets can be downloaded from our website at They can also be downloaded from your To Do List on the Financial Aid tab in SIS Self-Service.

Once all documents have been received, our office will review the data and compare it to the information on your FAFSA. Our office will make corrections (if necessary) and transmit them to the federal processor. You will have an updated Student Aid Report (SAR) if corrections are required. If the corrections impact your federal aid award, we will notify you by email or letter.

Verification may take several weeks to complete, so we ask that all students supply the requested materials as soon as possible.

If your documents have not been turned in by August 1 your federal aid will be cancelled.

Your financial aid will not be disbursed until the verification process is complete. Students can track the completion of verification documents on the To Do List tab in SIS at

You may be asked to submit additional verification documentation later in the year. If you do not submit the additional documents requested, your federal aid will be cancelled, including money you have already received.

What if something happens, like one of my parents loses their job while I'm at Hopkins?
Hopkins recognizes that family situations are dynamic. Unexpected events such as loss of income, death, major illness, and disabilities can adversely affect a family's ability to meet educational costs. A Hopkins aid adviser works individually with families in these situations to arrange assistance that will meet the changing needs of families. We are committed to meeting additional need to the extent that our resources allow.

Do students receive the same amount of aid every year?
Hopkins is committed to continuing your financial assistance; however, you must reapply each year because eligibility is re-evaluated annually. Based on your most current financial information, the actual aid award may change. Aid will remain about the same if:

     • Your family financial situation remains about the same.
     • The number of family members in the household and in college remains the same.
     • Your application meets the deadline dates.
     • You are making Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) *More information about SAP Policy requirements is available here.

I want to study abroad next year. How will this affect my financial aid?
Student Financial Services will work with you to assist with financing issues. Please contact us at least 3 months prior to your departure. Hopkins grant funding is not available for students attending non-Hopkins programs.

I will be living off-campus next year. How will that affect my aid?
The Office of Student Financial Services does not issue stipends for off-campus room and board expenses. Rather, an estimate for 9 months of living expenses is considered within your budget when determining your aid eligibility for the year. Since this estimate is less than the cost of living on campus, students may see a reduction in aid. What your family pays towards your education overall should not change provided you live within this budget.

Your financial aid funds are applied to your tuition charges first. If you live in non-university housing, tuition should be the only charge on your bill. If your financial aid is not enough to cover your tuition then you will be responsible for the remaining balance due. If the amount of the financial aid you receive exceeds the cost of tuition, then you may request a refund for the excess aid amount from the Office of Student Accounts. This refund can be used to assist with your rent and other living expenses. You should allow 2-3 weeks to receive your refund at the beginning of each semester due to the large volume of requests. You cannot receive an early disbursement of your financial aid so we strongly urge you to be prepared with two months worth of living expense money when classes begin in September.

For more information about how moving off campus affects your financial aid, please see Living Off Campus Information.

I am thinking about applying to be a Resident Advisor (RA). If I am selected, what will be the impact on my financial aid?
The amount expected from your family remains the same (unless there has been a change in circumstances), but you receive these benefits:

     • A single room and meal plan at no cost!
     • Reduced loans in your financial aid package!
     • No additional work expectation in your aid package!

Your aid eligibility is determined in the usual way, and the cost of a single room and meal plan are included in your budget. You receive a special RA grant that completely covers the room and board cost. Your loan expectation is reduced from the standard average of $5,500 to $2,750 for the year. You are not expected to take a work-study job (unless you want to), as your RA responsibilities are your job! For additional information and several scenarios, visit

I am a Whiting School of Engineering student and am in BS/MS program. How long am I considered an undergraduate and eligible to receive undergraduate funding?
Upon acceptance to the WSE BS/MS program, you are considered an undergraduate student and eligible for undergraduate assistance until you have either completed your BS degree requirements or you have completed 8 semesters of full-time study (whichever comes first).

How can I get further information on financial aid at Johns Hopkins?
The Office of Student Financial Services is happy to help you with any questions you may have about financial aid. You can also browse our homepage on the Web, where you can find up-to-the-minute financial aid information, do an outside scholarship search, read our university publications, and obtain information on admission.

Phone: 410-516-8028
Fax: 786-513-2839



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