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Scholarships from private organizations can be a valuable source of additional aid. Information about outside/private scholarships is available here as well as through your high school guidance office, publications in local libraries and bookstores, and community organizations.

You must report all outside/private scholarships that you receive to the Office of Student Financial Services. Provide information about outside scholarships on the Outside Award Notification Form.

JHU encourages all students to apply for private scholarships, as they can be used to reduce the loan and/or work portion of your financial aid package. Your Hopkins grant will only be reduced if the total amount of your private scholarships is greater than the loan and work portion of your financial aid offer.

The loan or Federal Work Study portion of a freshman's package may be adjusted for students receiving outside/private scholarships. All students who receive government and entitlement grants - i.e., a Federal Pell Grant, ROTC, state scholarships, and employer tuition benefits - and whose need was fully met in the original financial aid package, will have the amount of the Johns Hopkins University-funded grants reduced by the full amount of the outside grant. For example, a student who receives a state scholarship of $500 will have his or her Johns Hopkins University-funded grants reduced by $500. The total amount of financial aid will remain the same.

Your student account will not be credited for the amount of the scholarship until the check is received by JHU and endorsed (if required). Contact your scholarship donor to see if any documentation is required from the school before the check will be released. It is the student's responsibility to obtain the documentation from JHU, if necessary, to submit to the scholarship donor.

This page contains information about outside/private scholarships. Current Scholarships includes details about all the outside/private scholarships that we have received in our office. Scholarship Search provides you with various sources to obtain information about even more outside/private scholarships.

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CAVEAT: Some of these databases sell user information to marketing firms. Read the privacy information before providing personal information.


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