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The Office of Students Accounts sends bills on a regular basis. Initial billings for fall semester are mailed in July and are due in August. Spring semester bills are sent in December and are due in January. Anticipated financial aid will appear on the bill and is actually disbursed 10 days prior to the start of the semester, if the financial aid file is complete. Outside scholarships are credited to the bill when they are received. (If you are awaiting the arrival of outside aid, you may deduct that amount from the bill as an anticipated credit.) Hopkins will not bill you for indirect costs such as books, personal expenses, and off-campus rent and meals, even though they are included in your financial aid budget.

Financing Options (Top)

For families who do not qualify for financial aid or who will need help financing their family's contribution, there are several alternative financing options:

Credit Card Payments: Credit card payments can be made by Master Card, Discover, and American Express through Tuition Management Systems (TMS).  Call 800-722-4867  for fee schedule and deadlines.
Potential sources of alternative student loans may be identified through internet searches. A credit-worthy co-signer who is a U. S. citizen or permanent resident is required for private loans.

Refund Requests (Top)

If your financial aid credits exceed your billed costs, you may request a refund of the credit balance to help pay your indirect costs (or the credit may be held on your account toward next semester's charges). A credit balance may occur for students living off-campus who are billed only for tuition by Hopkins but use some of their aid to pay for off-campus living expenses. The Student Accounts Office handles the refund process.

Paying Your Bill | Graduate Students

The Student Accounts Office is responsible for student billing. All bills are mailed to the student's permanent address in July for the fall semester and December for the spring semester. Payment is expected three weeks before the beginning of classes.

Funds from Hopkins graduate fellowships are credited directly to your student account 10 days prior to the start of classes. These funds are awarded by your academic department.

Most outside scholarship agencies and lending institutions will forward a check to the university for credit to your student account.

NOTE: If funds have not been received by the university from a particular outside source of aid, that amount will not be credited to your account and cannot be provided to you, even if notification of the award has been received.

Refund Requests (Top)

If your financial aid credits exceed your billed costs, you may request a refund of the credit balance to cover your living and other expenses. The Student Accounts Office handles the refund process.

If You Withdraw (Top)

Students who withdraw during an academic term will receive a tuition refund based on the policy specified in the university catalog. The financial aid award will be adjusted based on the actual charges incurred during the semester.



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