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Questions and Answers | Undergraduate and Graduate International Students

Undergraduate Students

How many international undergraduate student receive financial assistance?
Approximately 10% of the incoming international freshman received financial assistance.

Do you cover the full need of the students?
We determine the financial need of the student based on the information submitted on the international aid application. Our aid packages assume that families will contribute to the extent they are able, and the remaining need is covered with Johns Hopkins University international scholarship.

How much scholarship money can international students expect to receive?
The amount of scholarship varies and depends on the financial need of the student. The average scholarship award for international students is $25,000.

How will our need for aid be determined?
All financial aid is based on the premise that parents and students are expected to contribute to educational costs to the extent they are able. Our staff calculates a family contribution based on the following factors:

• Income, both taxed and untaxed
• Taxes Paid
• Family size and the number of family members in college
• Value of savings and investments
• In some instances, equity in home, business, and other real estate
• Benefits your parents receive from their employer or the government

The family contribution is subtracted from the total college cost for the year. The difference is your financial aid eligibility or need.

What happens when parents are divorced?
In cases of divorce, we expect both parents to assume a role in financing their child's education to the extent possible. Complete the financial aid applications using the information of the custodial parent (and step-parent if remarried). The parent you do not live with must file a separate International Student Aid Application. Questions concerning this requirement should be addressed to the Office of Student Financial Services.

Are Early Decision applicants eligible for aid?
Yes. Early Decision aid awards are typical packages; merit-based aid may be offered as well.

What types of financial aid are available?
Depending on your level of need, you may be offered Johns Hopkins Unviersity International Scholarship. International students may apply for campus employment. Some private loans are available for international students. These loans usually require a U.S.citizen cosigner.

Are merit-based scholarships available?
Yes. While financial need is the primary basis of financial aid at Hopkins, we also offer a limited number of merit-based scholarships including the Hodson Trust Scholarship and the Charles R. Westgate Scholarship in Engineering.

Do students receive the same amount of aid every year?
Johns Hopkins University is committed to continuing your financial assistance each year. Aid should remain about the same if your family financial situation remains the same.

How do you treat private/outside scholarships?
We encourage students to locate outside scholarships from private organizations, as they are an additional source of aid. Free online scholarship search services may be accessed through our financial aid homepage at Outside scholarships may be used to reduce the work and loan components of a student's aid package.

Is it possible to receive financial aid as a sophomore, junior, or senior if I don't receive it as a freshman?
No. Because of funding limitations for international students, no aid will be available in the future for students who enter Hopkins without financial aid. Aid is not available for international students who transfer from another college or university.

Where can I get more information on outside sources of scholarships and loans?
An excellent website for international students is It provides information on financing your education, living in the U.S., travel and cultural tips.

For questions call or email the Office of Student Financial Services.

Phone: 410-516-8028
Fax: 410-516-6015

Graduate Students

What type of financial aid can a graduate student receive at Hopkins?
Many graduate students receive tuition support and monthly stipends directly from their academic department. Your department will determine the amount of that funding. Supplemental loans are also available from private lenders.

How do I get money for living expenses?
If you need educational loan funds for living expenses or to buy books, you may apply for a private loan. Most lenders require international students to have a co-signer who is a U.S. citizen or permanent resident. Allow 2 months for loans to be processed and credited to your account. The loan proceeds will first be applied to any tuition charges on your bill. If you have a credit balance remaining after tuition is covered, you can request a refund and use the money for your other expenses. Refunds can be requested from the Student Accounts Office on-line.

My department is supposed to cover my tuition. Why do I have a tuition charge on my bill?
Your department administrator is responsible for having the tuition credit applied to your student account. Check with that person to see why the credit has not yet been applied.

Where can I get more information on outside sources of scholarships and loans?
An excellent website for international students is It provides information on financing your education, living in the U.S., travel and cultural tips.

What if I have more questions, who do I call?
For tuition grant questions contact your academic department administrator.

For loan questions contact:
Office of Student Financial Services
(410) 516-8028

For billing questions contact:
Student Accounts Office at (410) 516-8158


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