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What Does it Cost to Attend Johns Hopkins University?

The following cost estimates represent year-round costs for full-time international students (undergraduates and graduates). Cost will vary depending on the type of room and meal plan, if living on campus, or off-campus accommodations. Some students will spend more than our estimates, and others will spend less.

The budget includes direct expenses for which Hopkins will bill you, such as tuition, fees, and room and board for undergraduates living on campus. Indirect expenses are also included as part of the budget, however, you will not be billed directly by the University for these expenses. Examples of indirect expenses are books, supplies, personal expenses, travel and off-campus living costs. International students are required to obtain health insurance through the university.

Estimated Expense Budget 2016-17 Academic Year
Tuition $50,410
Matriculation Fee (new students only)
Room & Board (12 months) $19,968
Room & Board (off-campus) $10,255
Personal Expenses $1,044
Books & Supplies $1,220
Average Travel $1,408
Health Insurance $1,800
Total Freshman Cost $76,350


For more information, see Financing Options .


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