Outside Award Notification

Please list any outside scholarships, employer tuition benefits, or military benefits you have been awarded. If the scholarship/benefit source will send the check directly to Hopkins, please ask them to send it to the Office of Student Financial Services.

Student Financial Services
Johns Hopkins University
146 Garland Hall
3400 N. Charles Street
Baltimore, MD 21218

If your outside award source requires:

  1. A copy of your academic transcript at the end of the semester or at the end of the academic year, you may request a transcript from the Registrar's Office in Garland Hall (410-516-7088).
  2. An invoice, you may request that the Student Accounts Office (410-516-8158), in Garland Hall, send one.
  3. Verification of enrollment, you may request that from the Registrar's Office in Garland Hall (410-516-8499).

You are responsible for making the appropriate request in a timely manner

Award Year:
Student Name SIS ID (If known) E-mail Address
Award Name/Source of Benefits Amount Is this award or benefit renewable?
Yes No
Yes No
Yes No
Yes No
Yes No
Yes No

Please tell us if you want to reduce your student loans and/or Federal Work Study requirement with the above scholarship funds (rank in order of preference):
Reduce my student loan obligation
Reduce my work study award
Reduce my family contribution (if possible) prior to reducing aid

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